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Welcome to the official homepage of the Harry Bertoia Foundation! I hope to educate, inform, and astonish you about my father’s prolific output of creativity. Harry Bertoia expressed his love as a jeweler, printmaker, furniture designer, sculptor, and philosopher. Bertoia designed modern chairs, crafted over 50 public sculptures, etched hundreds of monoprints, and created thousands of art pieces. Bertoia pushed the wave of modern art into an expansive period of exploration of not only visual, but practical and auditory and tactile, art. From delicate jewelry to massive fountains, from an asymmetrical chaise lounge to petite children’s chairs, from detailed graphics to thunderous gongs; this artist took what he infused from Nature’s beauty and transformed it into uplifting experiential pieces.

Explore this site about Harry Bertoia — THE Harry Bertoia Foundation site — to discover who this man was, what he created, and what wisdom he left for us. I would love to hear from you via the Blog, or you may choose to purchase jewelry reproductions from the store. You will find links to auction houses and galleries offering his works, as well as sources for books about Bertoia. Don’t expect to cover it all in one visit — stop by whenever you need inspiration.

Celia Bertoia

HarryBertoia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization. We educate and inform the public about artist Harry Bertoia and modern art. We collect historical documents of Harry Bertoia and distribute appropriately. We create and expand public displays and educational programs of Harry Bertoia artwork and music, as well as other appropriate modern art. We represent all things Bertoia. We spread the legacy of Harry Bertoia.

© Harry Bertoia 2016. All Rights Reserved.
*Special thanks to Maria Krasinski, Mary Thorp, Wright 20, Rago Arts, & anyone else inadvertantly missed for use of their photography.*      

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